Window Treatment Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Published On February 9, 2017 | home improement

One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to spice up the look of your home is through the treatment of your windows. Over time, windows are subject to wear and something as simple as a new coat of paint can be just the thing to make them vibrant again. More importantly, both homeowners and commercial property owners will use window coverings to make this part of the house or building aesthetically appealing and functional. Here’s a look at window treatment trends that are predicted to make headlines in 2017:

Luxury Fabrics Will Be Sought After

Truth be told, luxury fabrics have never completely gone out of style. But for 2017, there are a number of materials in particular that will be used for windows, and some of them include suedes, damasks, velvets, furs and silks. If you want to give your home a royal appearance, you won’t go wrong with these highly sophisticated materials. While minimalism may be popular at the moment, glamour will be the ruler of tomorrow.

Organic Window Treatments

Organic window materials are another trend that will become quite popular in 2017. This trend is closely associated with the green movement, where a growing number of homeowners are purchasing materials which are friendly to the environment. Woven shades of materials such as matchstick are also gentle neutrals which when applied to a room will transfer the world outside into your home in a very stylish manner.

Bamboo Will Still Be All the Rage

Bamboo, which has always been popular among pandas as a source of food, is experiencing rampant popularity among homeowners who are looking for something natural yet different. It is another material which is exceptionally eco-friendly. It has a texture which is natural and soothing as well as clean lines which further contribute to its appeal. For homeowners who are environmentally conscious there are few materials which can match bamboo. It is green, affordable, durable and fashionable.

Patterns and Sleek Lines

2017 window design trends will place a heavy emphasis on patterns and sleek lines. Sleek lines allow your window to be used as a focal point and will offer it a silhouette which is clean and will make the adjoining room look modern. Monochromatic color schemes in particular can be used in a manner that divides a room, and those looking for a Euro or modern look can achieve this effect through the fabric they choose.

As far as patterns are concerned, the most popular for the coming year will be those which are bold and bright. These patterns are popular because they are the perfect way to provide a look to a room which is distinct and a joy to look at. Those who have a preference for patterns or colors which are bright, fun or daring should not be afraid to incorporate them into their windows. Doing so is one of the best ways to make a statement while differentiating your home from everyone else. When it comes to window design, there are infinite possibilities. The best way to find the perfect solution for your home is to experiment and try out the multitude of window treatment options which are available.

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